Major Brazilian NGO Consolidates Its Work in NetSuite for Maximum Impact

Gerando Falcões, a Brazilian NGO, started its work 10 years ago in underserved schools on the outskirts of São Paulo. The organisation has since broadened its reach, developing social impact leaders and social entrepreneurs in favelas, or slums, all over the country. Gerando Falcões works hand-in-hand with these local leaders, fortifying a network that provides Brazilians with access to professional education, sports programs, high-tech home improvements and more.

Gerando Falcões


Gerando Falcões


São Paulo, Brazil




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“NetSuite will be part of our future by giving us the support and transparency to make our projects more efficient.” Amanda Boliarinio, IT Coordinator, Gerando Falcões

A National NGO Readies for More Expansion

Expanding throughout Brazil
Gerando Falcões has expanded even more in recent years, opening a cultural and sports center in São Paulo and an office abroad in New York City. The 200-employee organisation has also established partnerships with major enterprises, launching exclusive designs with shoe brand Havaianas and branded cereal bars with Nestlé. Profits from these efforts fund the NGO’s work with some 300 social impact leaders in more than 1,500 favelas.
Lack of support for ambitious flights
Gerando Falcões previously ran on a business system specifically for NGOs, but had problems sustaining its expanded operations on obsolete softwares and other applications: Documents weren’t organised, and teams had to cross-reference multiple spreadsheets. Gerando Falcões recognised that the lack of a central business system threatened its expansion goals. With new partnerships established and investments secured, it sought a system that would allow its financial processes to scale.
The turning point: a single business system
Gerando Falcões chose NetSuite OneWorld to automate and standardise processes in accounts payable, purchasing, order entry and expense reporting. Tedious spreadsheets and multiple systems were replaced with a single hub from which to work. These efficiencies allowed the organisation to double its transaction volume year-over-year while maintaining the size of its finance team. In addition, by standardising naming conventions for custom fields, reports and lists, the team made the system simpler and more intuitive to use.
More transparency, more expansion
Gerando Falcões has also established a new standard of transparency in its external audits with firms like KPMG. Tax receipts and financial records are more accessible and organised, making these audits more efficient. As an organisation, Gerando Falcões uses efficiencies like these to power its goal of reaching all 13,000 of Brazil’s favelas.


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