Melting Candy Bars Spur Nationwide Cold Chain Logistics Business

Cousins Greg Balestrieri and Joe Melville had family connections to the confectionary business when they founded, which would later become Green Rabbit, in 2009, and had a goal of becoming the “corner candy store of the world.” Selling to retailers, event planners and candy lovers, soon confronted a challenge—shipping chocolate bars during the warm summer months. This dilemma led the team to quickly learn the intricacies of temperature-sensitive supply chain logistics.


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“NetSuite’s been able to keep up with our explosive growth. We can triple our volume right now and it wouldn’t impact our systems.” Greg Balestrieri, CEO, Green Rabbit

Algorithm-backed Supply Chain Advances Growth

Building a heat sensitive supply chain
Through a series of trial and error, the help of a food scientist, thermal testing and an algorithm that takes 15 different variables into consideration when determining how to ship a product— built a heat sensitive supply chain, which enabled the growing company to expand into snacks, frozen foods and other temperature-sensitive and perishable food items.
Green Rabbit transformation takes hold
When large retailers began turning to the company for supply chain help, Balestrieri and Melville re-branded the company to Green Rabbit, creating a cold chain logistics provider for fast, fresh and sustainable delivery of perishable goods and groceries with as a subsidiary. It now ships tens of thousands of orders per day for some of the largest consumer packaged goods companies.
Strategy shift strains systems
That growth and shift in strategy tested Green Rabbit’s processes, which relied on QuickBooks, Excel and email. It turned to NetSuite, implementing financials, CRM and order management in just three months to automate its key processes. NetSuite enables Green Rabbit to now ship to customers across the country in one day from one of three different warehouses.
Tripling growth with automation
As Green Rabbit continues to experience double-digit growth annually, NetSuite will continue to support it as it scales. Not a single transaction out of the millions it conducts needs to be entered manually and leadership is confident the business could triple its volume without changing its systems.


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