Hammitt Grows in Style With NetSuite

Hammitt is a luxury accessories brand based in Los Angeles selling in more than 850 boutiques nationwide as well as its flagship store in Las Vegas. Implementing NetSuite shortly after incorporating, NetSuite helps Hammitt manage manufacturer relationships, consumer commitments and boutique resellers, with a data-driven approach to growth.





Los Angeles, Calif.




30 million



NetSuite Products Implemented

Demand Planning
Advanced Inventory Management

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“Data is the new gold, and NetSuite gives us the data we need to make fast decisions.” Hammitt

The Need for Efficient Execution in Fashion

A 21st century luxury brand
Image is everything in the world of luxury fashion, and NetSuite is powering Hammitt's climb to the top. The handbag brand combines the cachet of the high-end market with the business sensibilities of fast fashion, and NetSuite helps manage the factory relationships and boutique resellers which make that unique combination succeed.
Faster inventory turns without sacrificing quality
The typical luxury accessories brand commits to an entire season's order four to six months in advance. NetSuite's order management and forecasting capabilities enable the company to replenish inventory with as little as three weeks of lead time. This gives Hammitt more inventory turns per year than competitors, meaning more efficient use of capital and less unsold product, which is critical for Hammitt’s no-markdown business model.
Growing into a luxury icon
As Hammitt extends its reach with organic growth and exposure to new luxury-minded consumers, its use of NetSuite grows as well. Hammitt is extending its retail footprint with new pop-up stores and continues to build a brand following with its lifetime product guarantee model, while NetSuite's demand planning will keep the company on target with the right amount of product to meet discerning customer tastes.


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