KINTO Expands Overseas Business and Increases Net Sales by 150% with No Increase to Workforce

After deciding to go global, KINTO, a business that deals with planning, development and marketing of sophisticated products ranging from kitchenware to interior items, was finding it difficult to integrate and manage its operations with its existing software and standalone tools. By implementing NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP, domestic as well as overseas sales grew significantly without increasing existing workforce.




78-30 Koizumicho, Hikone-shi, Shiga 522-0043, Japan




JPY 10,000,000


In-House on premise software
Market Software Package


NetSuite OneWorld


NetSuite Professional Services

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“NetSuite has enabled us to control our overseas operations from Japan. Now, even if we plan to expand our business further and setup more bases, I am confident that we shall be able to integrate all management operations on NetSuite. I am sure we shall be using it for a long time to come.” Ryusuke Koide, Executive Director, KINTO Co., Ltd.

Cloud Technology Enabled Overseas Business Expansion

Developing and marketing sophisticated products on a global scale
KINTO was established in Shiga prefecture in 1972 as a kitchenware wholesaler of domestic and foreign products. The company then began designing and developing its own products. KINTO first exhibited its products at the 2009 Hong Kong Fair and became very popular in Northern Europe. It then expanded its business in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.
In-house tool came with a high work load and cost
Initially, KINTO used an on-premise client-server tool developed from scratch for sales management, inventory management and store management, and a separate software package for ecommerce, accounting management, payroll management and sales order management. Managing international expansion with applications such as Microsoft Excel proved inadequate however.
Start small and expanding with cloud ERP
KINTO shifted from on-premise to cloud-based ERP to decrease development costs while increasing flexibility and scalability. It first introduced NetSuite in a small European subsidiary, then the company scaled out to headquarters in Japan and the rest of the globe. In the year since, KINTO increased sales 150% with no additional headcount.
NetSuite into the future more and more effectively
With NetSuite, KINTO controls global operations effectively from Japan. Going forward, it plans to leverage NetSuite`s training services to improve “NetSuite literacy” among staff, and hopes to find greater efficiencies as NetSuite continues to make advances in technology and services.


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