Excel Can’t Support Rapid Growth

As a leading China-originated global brand consultancy that has achieved exponential growth over the last five years, Labbrand’s Excel-based CRM and project management couldn’t support its success. When it started to look at software to automate these processes a year ago, Salesforce.com was the frontrunner. But after meeting with partner Trigger Networks, Labbrand became convinced that NetSuite was a better fit for its unique business processes.





Shanghai, China


35 million RMB



Implementation Partner

Trigger Investments Ltd.

Other Solutions Considered


System Replaced


Number of Users


Number of Subsidiaries


Number of Countries

2, Paris and Shanghai (Headquarters)

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite CRM, NetSuite SRP

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“NetSuite helps me identify the critical information that maybe we would have missed without having the system. Not losing one thing, especially in sales, can make a huge difference in the end.” Yukino Yamamoto, Managing Director, Labbrand

NetSuite Wins on Customization
While Labbrand felt Saleforce.com would force fit its processes to Salesforce workflows, Trigger Networks could quickly customize NetSuite for consulting processes that are a competitive advantage for Labbrand. It launched NetSuite CRM seven months ago, and is realizing sales cycle efficiencies, and the benefits of consolidated data.
Sales Efficiencies, Visibility Gained
Harmonized data and NetSuite’s templates have helped cut the time to create a quote in half. Automated alerts remind employees of crucial actions. Dashboards display new leads, contacts and opportunities daily, and help executives monitor monthly performance KPIs.
Platform for Global Expansion
Labbrand plans to open offices in Japan and Singapore within the next year, and 16 offices globally by 2025. With Trigger Networks, it will continuously optimize NetSuite, launching project management functionality for better visibility into workflows, and mine its data with business intelligence to support ambitious growth.


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