MACRO Shows that Mission-led Growth is Viable in the Evolving Film Industry

Changes in the film industry over the past decade have shattered a guiding business model frozen for some 50 years. Streaming services, the proliferation of mobile devices, business models based on direct revenue from subscribers and investment that is no longer Hollywood-centric has changed the game. It’s what industry pioneer Charles D. King foresaw when he launched MACRO in 2015, a dynamic agency focused on representing the voices and perspectives of persons of color across multiple content outlets.




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“We’re now going through the first audit using information from NetSuite, and our accounting team looks awfully rested compared to (QuickBooks).” Eric Briggs, CFO, MACRO

Greenlighting Growth

Stories quickly capture audiences, industry
MACRO quickly established its reputation in the industry with its early investments in highly acclaimed projects like Academy-award winning Fences and Netflix feature film Mudbound. Success fueled the ability to grow its multi-platform strategy—increasing work with studios and streaming services, launching live events, and funding a VC investment arm to accelerate like-minded companies.
Business growth comes with complexity
That growth trajectory led to business complexity that its existing QuickBooks system couldn’t support. To that end, MACRO went live with NetSuite OneWorld in 100 days in July 2018, choosing it over Microsoft and Intacct to manage dozens of LLCs that demanded robust financial analysis and consolidation.
Power to run real-time finances
MACRO can much more carefully manage cash balances to determine capital for film projects, as well as maximize interest. The business has been able to raise capital at a valuation that is a significant multiple of previous rounds. Monthly closes that took upwards of a month are now accomplished in days.
Focus on delivering compelling content
MACRO runs monthly forecasting plans that meld accounting projections with GAAP and cash to support real-time decision-making. By being able to profitably and seamlessly support running a multi-platform media business, it can harness synergies of the projects and companies it works with, explore acquisitions, and easily scale to accommodate growth plans.


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