Global Medical Device Manufacturer Boosts Business Performance While Cutting Costs with NetSuite

Disparate legacy applications and spreadsheets could no longer support the complex business model of fast-growing, global medical device manufacturer P3 Medical—a model that involved the manufacture and assembly of its products, and direct and indirect sales in 40 countries. Manual processes wasted time and money, and poor visibility into inventory (some 4,000 SKUs) and sales orders caused stockouts and slowed deliveries.

P3 Medical


P3 Medical


Bristol, United Kingdom






Legacy Systems, Excel Spreadsheets

Netsuite Products Implemented


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“NetSuite gives us meaningful data rather than what we had before which was really guesswork. Now we work less hard but make more money.” P3 Medical

Complex Processes Demand Robust System

Customizations, real-time data enhance business
P3 Medical implemented NetSuite in five months to manage financials, inventory, reporting and customer support, adding custom fields to track complex sales and distribution processes. Highlights include a customer self-service portal, access to real-time data to alert management to bottlenecks and provide automatic website updates, and role-based dashboards.
Cloud multiplies cost savings, efficiencies
By choosing the cloud over on-premise, P3 Medical saved £75,000, plus £25,000 yearly on administration and maintenance. Process efficiencies abound—month-end close has been reduced from three weeks to two days, and manufacturing costs are down £100,000 annually.
Less work, more money
With robust customization and real-time data, P3 can more accurately predict margins on manufacturing jobs, allowing flexibility in costs. As such, it has increased profits without increasing costs or work effort—streamlined performance that gives it an advantage over much larger competitors.


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