NetSuite Makes Customer Experiences Brighter for Luxe Lighting, Furniture, and Decor Company Regina Andrew

Real-life couple Carla Regina and James Andrew founded Regina Andrew Detroit with a mission: Electrify the room. Their home decor and lighting brand has achieved that mission and more as they’ve expertly blended form with function, adding a hearty dose of rock ‘n’ roll. Based in the “Paris of the Midwest,” Regina Andrew engages in both B2B and B2C business, primarily through its website and international retail partners.

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“We chose NetSuite not only for the power of NetSuite ERP and CRM but also because it housed everything in one spot. It’s really sped up our order and fulfilment process.” James Bonomo, COO, Regina Andrew Detroit

Better Serving Businesses and Consumers

Finding a comprehensive business system
Regina Andrew initially used AcctVantage ERP and ran its ecommerce website on Magento. While AcctVantage worked well enough for marketing, sales, and order processing, standalone systems left the business with fragmented processes and data. Regina Andrew chose NetSuite ERP because it could centralise all business data, accelerate order processing, optimise processes to reduce labor costs, and ultimately improve the customer experience.
A modern ecommerce experience
With NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced, the brand built a dual-function B2B/B2C website that’s directly connected to the ERP system and requires far less upkeep than Magento. Since implementing SuiteCommerce Advanced, online orders increased 8% and average session length jumped 30 seconds. The mobile-friendly site lets visitors filter items, view product availability and image galleries, and see related products.
Driving customer satisfaction with data
Regina Andrew cites the ease of accessing and sharing data internally and with customers so they can see order status and expected delivery time as among the biggest benefits of NetSuite. Item and customer records in NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) update in real time for smoother interactions with customers, and the website answers many common questions.
Empowered for future growth
Regina Andrew recently added NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS), easing the pain of cycle counts and preventing late orders with alerts for items awaiting shipment. The company is exploring ways to give customers more information about their orders online, segment customers to personalise shopping experiences, and standardise product education and communication with its many partners.

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