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IRON solutions introduces IRON HQ, new NetSuite-based vertical solution for agriculture equipment industry

New Holland Agriculture, Leading Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer, Embraces Cloud Computing to Help Its Network of Dealers Run Their Businesses More Efficiently

NetSuite SuiteCloud 2010, SAN FRANCISCO—April 15, 2010—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites, today announced that IRON Solutions, Inc., a leading source of Equipment Market Intelligence™ used by the agricultural, industrial and outdoor power equipment industries in North America, has successfully deployed its next-generation NetSuite-powered customer and equipment lifecycle management solution, IRON HQ™, to hundreds of North American New Holland Agriculture equipment dealers.

IRON Solutions provides end users with access to new and used equipment information connecting them to a responsive network of dealers and manufacturers. Farmers and contractors can configure new equipment using IRON Builder™ located at dealer and manufacturer websites. They can also appraise  trade-ins of equipment with IRON Guides™ and locate used equipment with IRON Search™. Dealer sales organisations use IRON HQ™ to quickly collaborate with and respond to prospects, moving inquiries through quoting, appraisal and integrated floor planning and financing process to maximise transaction speed, accuracy and profitability. Both dealers and end-users benefit from faster inquiry-to-order times, reduced errors, more accurate appraisals, increased visibility into inventory and a streamlined sales process.

"With IRON HQ™ equipment sales teams can move from a yellow pad to an iPad®," said Darwin Melnyk, IRON Solutions CEO.  "Last generation applications required our customers to have specially trained staff to install, upgrade and patch software and have dedicated servers and networks to capitalize, operate, secure and backup their business information.  NetSuite’s cloud-based platform enables IRON Solutions to rapidly deliver equipment lifecycle management services in a flexible, powerful, affordable and complete service. Hundreds of equipment dealers began enjoying the benefits of IRON HQ™ just a few days after purchase. This rapid adoption of IRON HQ™ validates how NetSuite partners focused on specific vertical industries can leverage NetSuite’s cloud computing platform to meet the needs of their specific industry." 

NetSuite Enabled Rapid Innovation and Deployment
IRON Solutions has long been the leading data provider for the agricultural equipment industry. When the company looked to modernise and extend its systems to provide greater command and control to dealers, it recognised the need to create a single, powerful application that would combine the depth of its data products with a cutting-edge customer and equipment lifecycle management solution. It quickly became clear that NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Platform and the Order Management capabilities of NetSuite CRM+ were the only viable options that would allow IRON Solutions to quickly build a world-class solution for agricultural equipment dealers. The goal was to deliver relevant, real-time information to dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that gives them a strategic advantage when competing against companies using last generation and paper-based data systems. 

"IRON HQ™ is the industry-specific service we have been looking for," said Drew Roemer, General Manager of Capital Tractor, a New Holland dealership located in Latham, New York. "When looking at other services in the past, the cost was prohibitive for our size of business, but most of all, those options did not address our industry. IRON HQ™ provides the equipment data our sales team needs for our day-to-day operations, in a professional platform that empowers our dealership to respond to our customers' needs faster and more efficiently. Within hours of completing my training, I was up and running on IRON HQ™, producing professional quotes to hand to my customers."

Major Benefits for New Holland Agriculture
Manufacturers like North America’s New Holland Agriculture will benefit from interaction with their dealers through IRON HQ™ and have a greater ability to manage, deliver and track leads they distribute to dealers, including higher lead conversion rates, more efficient targeting of marketing spend, faster distribution of leads to dealers and fewer missed opportunities.

"With IRON HQ™, our dealers can now manage and receive more sales leads, quote more units and close more sales," said David Greenberg, New Holland Agriculture’s Senior Director of Marketing for North America. "The key is integration and working smarter. Our efforts to drive leads and close sales are now coordinated between New Holland and our dealers, and the results can be tracked and measured at the dealership. That’s where we close the loop. Our dealers are committed to using these services to market their equipment more efficiently, draw in more buyers, and move those buyers through the sales process with greater velocity."

"IRON HQ™ is proving to be a huge success, and a tremendous example of how a compelling solution can be quickly created when a domain expert like IRON Solutions can use NetSuite’s platform to combine their extensive vertical expertise and data with the industry-leading enterprise management capabilities of our software," said Glenn Griffin, Vice President of Business Development at NetSuite.  "The success of IRON HQ™ is also a great example of businesses embracing cloud-based solutions so they can avoid the cost and complexity of buying, installing and maintaining the infrastructure required to run outdated client-server software."

NetSuite‘s success with IRON Solutions is just the latest in a long line of milestones for the leader in cloud computing business management suites. Gartner Dataquest recently released figures showing that NetSuite has joined the ranks of North America’s top 10 ERP vendors by revenue. Strategic advisory service ISM Inc. recognised NetSuite and NetSuite CRM with a Top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award for 2009. Customer Interaction Solutions magazine named NetSuite CRM as a recipient of a 2009 CRM Excellence Award. Most recently, British businesses named NetSuite the top Enterprise Accounting Software vendor in Sift Media’s Software Satisfaction Awards 2009. These awards validate and reinforce NetSuite’s mounting importance to companies of all sizes looking for a powerful, integrated enterprise management solution.

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