Development Environment
SuiteCloud IDE

Improve Developer Productivity in an Eclipse-Based Environment

SuiteCloud IDE is an Eclipse-based IDE that is packaged for NetSuite platform development. It is purpose-built to enable you to build SuiteApp functionality on top of the NetSuite infrastructure while leveraging the applications that have already been built on the same infrastructure using tools such as SuiteScript and SuiteTalk.

Consistent with the Eclipse Perspective feature to control the visibility of items in a model and the user interface, a NetSuite Perspective provides functionality for manipulating your NetSuite projects and resources. The NetSuite Perspective consists of an editor area that displays source file editors you can use for your code. The NetSuite Perspective mainly uses the JavaScript and HTML editors for NetSuite projects, such as SuiteScript and SSP application projects.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced event handling
  • Code completion for SuiteScript API and internal IDs
  • Upload and download of files from NetSuite file cabinet
  • Comparison of files with NetSuite file cabinet version
  • Validation of internal IDs
  • Integration with the SuiteScript records browser
  • Management of multiple NetSuite accounts
  • Support for JSDoc

Key Features

The SuiteCloud IDE offers several benefits to NetSuite SuiteApp developers geared towards improving developer productivity and efficiency.

  • Better file management capabilities: Developers can collectively set the properties for multiple files and folders from within the IDE. This means that there is a single file to define a file (script, etc.) and its properties, and a one-click process to upload the file contents and properties directly from the IDE without navigating to the File Cabinet.
  • SuiteScript Server Pages support for SuiteCommerce: SuiteScript Server Pages make the SuiteCloud platform development paradigm more familiar to web developers. SSP pages are used to embed dynamic content in static HTML pages, support the use of tags and other artefacts to create website content and access the application using named URLs.
  • Greater developer productivity: Developers can improve productivity with such features as code-completion on all SuiteScript APIs and script IDs, file management including file comparisons and uploads/downloads, enhanced event handling and an initial setup wisard. Some of the functionality such as code completion on SuiteScript APIs and scripts IDs is unique to the SuiteCloud IDE.


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