Delight your customers with excellent on-time delivery performance using NetSuite’s cloud based outbound logistics management solution

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor or retailer—your customer doesn’t care what it takes to get their product on time and many retailers are quick to apply penalties, delay payment and even de-list suppliers for sub-optimal performance. NetSuite combats this with completely integrated manufacturing, inventory and warehouse management solutions that are uniquely designed to work together and ensure a smooth flow from your production line and warehouse to your customer’s dock with automated material flows, quality checks and warehouse operations.


Pick, Pack & Ship

Fulfilling an order in NetSuite is a simple, streamlined experience. Once an order is entered and approved—perhaps having gone through a complex workflow driven process—your shipper Is automatically notified. Depending on your system configuration, you can go straight to fulfilment or implement an efficient pick, pack and ship process.

Defined Pick Strategies

NetSuite's WMS solution allows you to streamline your companies shipping process and increase operational efficiency by pre-defining your preferred picking strategies. Your warehouse operators use a modern, icon-driven, mobile device to perform.

Cross-subsidiary Fulfilment

Product companies are often faced with the challenge of having their operational efficiency challenged by the many local financial rules and regulations. With the introduction of Cross-Subsidiary Fulfillment, NetSuite uses can easily define which of their subsidiaries and locations can trade with each other and under which conditions. This empowers your operations team to make the most optimal use of your inventory assets—even supplying a single sales order line from multiple subsidiaries and locations—always knowing that they are in compliance with your company’s policies.

Carrier Integration

NetSuite provides out of the box integration with many of the worlds leading carriers including: UPS, Fedex and USPS with many more are being added every release.

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